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The History and Evolution of Thai Yoga Bodywork

Traditional Thai yoga bodywork is a fusion of ancient therapeutic traditions from India and China, dating back 2,500 or more years, integrated over the centuries with local Thai healing arts.

Ancient Siam (now Thailand) integrated healing arts from nearby India and China

Known in Thai as nuat phaen boran, this traditional healing practice is enjoyed by people from all walks of life within Thailand, and now more and more around the world.

Shiatsu is a Japanese bodywork technique that uses finger, palm and elbow pressure on a system of points. Like Thai yoga bodywork, Shiatsu has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese acupressure techniques.

At Boston Thai Yoga we integrate diagnostic and therapeutic techniques from Shiatsu into the practice of Thai yoga bodywork. The Thai-Shiatsu method is taught by Ken Nelson, Ph.D., LMT.