What clients of Boston Thai Yoga say:

    After traveling for several weeks and driving for many hours, I found that I was really stiff and feeling very stressed out. As I knew that a deep-tissue massage would not be enough to alleviate my discomfort and neck/back pain, I sought out Thai yoga massage. After my first 2-hour session with Ross, I immediately felt more relaxed, my neck and back were back to normal and I had flexibility again. For several days I felt the benefits of the massage and called back a week later to schedule another session before I left town. I would highly reccommend Thai yoga bodywork by Ross. I felt incredible and slept great for many days after the sessions.

    -- Christina W., Boca Raton, FL

    In 2005, I was diagnosed with progressive systemic scleroderma (a chronic, degenerative, autoimmune disorder that leads to the over-production of collagen in the body's connective tissue). My lungs had deteriorated to the point that my doctor said that I would likely go on oxygen within 18 months and expire within 3 years.

    My mobility had decreased substantially. Physical therapy treatments were very painful and ineffective. In 2006, my medical professionals recommended that I go on disability. They said that the course of the disease, even if arrested, would likely leave my body with limited mobility and chronic pain.

    I took some time evaluate options. Thai yoga emerged as the best match for my physical condition.

    I started with Ross more than 2 years ago. After about 6 months, my flexibility had increased to the point that the pain was manageable and flexibility allowed me to start a light weight workout program. I was able to incorporate bicycling into my program in mid-2009.

    The addition of an experimental diet, that includes 50g of protein a day, helped me stabilize my weight and add muscle mass. The combination of dietary supplements, anti-rejection medicine, and Thai yoga with Ross has combined to allow me to function close to normal.

    Thai yoga has been my anti-pain medication. I attribute much of my ability to work to the Thai yoga program with Ross.

    -- Willie J., Roxbury, MA

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